Packaging influences significantly the perception of customers. According to the latest studies of the institute for market research, 75 per cent of all customers decide which product to buy in front of the shelf.
Packaging is of primary importance for the communication politics of marketing.
Packaging conveys information, credibility and quality of a product to the customer and protects it from environmental influences and damage.
The packaging solutions which we develop and produce have in their diversity an important message for the consumers:

Buy me!

We produce your packages, following ECMA standards or individually designed, by using following technologies:

Heißfolienprägung mit Goldfolie, Silber
hot foil stamping
Reliefschnitt, Hochprägen, Tiefprägen
die cutting, with and without window foil
die cutting, with and without window foil

UV Offsetdruck mit Matt- und Glanzlack. Dripp Off Effekt
UV-Offset, matt and glossy varnish
Lackierungen, Wasser und Fettabweisend
grease and water resistent varnishing; able to be used in microwave and oven

wir kleben gemäß ECMA Code
gluing according to ECMA-Code

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