The past is the basis for the future!

The history of Rattpack group goes back to 1953. Ratt Company was founded by Hugo Ratt, who processed greyboard into shoe boxes. . In 1965 Wolfang Ratt took over. He focused on specialization and industrialization. Wolfgang introduced the first offset printing machines, automatic die-cutting and adhesion facilities. First in the pharmaceutical sector, and soon in other ones. He laid the foundation for today's success.


In 2003 both Stephan and Matthias took over. They had to make a decision: to remain a small, specialised company covering niches, or grow in a reasonable and sustainable way. They chose the second path.
Today we are an internationally leading company in packaging printing. Our factories / plants were aligned over the years with various industries. Our competence centres were established. Rattpack group stands for perfection, safety and innovation for more than 60 years.

We have never settled for ordinary standards. Back in 1992, we were the first printing company of Austria to be certified according to ISO 9001 and in 1996 according to EN 46001 (GMP). All certifications are continuously renewed and adapted to the current standards. As an active contribution to the environmental protection, we have introduced an environmental management system.

Responsibility for the environment: in 2014, the two companies Ratt and PAWAG joined energy efficiency team 2. The target is a 2% energy savings per year for 36 months. PAWAG saves annually 600,000 litres of solvent and returns it to the production process. Our paper and cardboard waste are fed into the recycling loop.

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